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Sector Installation.
New Rail and Automatic Roof Hatch Opener
Roof Hatch Assessment.
Older side by side assessment.
Older installation comparison.

SafePro’s Roof Hatch Safety Rails are a patented, 100% steel design that protects all four sides of an open roof hatch scuttle. Our unique and innovative system is manufactured in the U.S., comes with an 8 year warranty and installs in minutes with only 4 rail pieces and 10 bolts. The self-closing gate doubles as two additional ladder rungs, giving individuals 3 points of contact at all times. Our system is the safest, easiest to install and most durable on the market.

Our SafePro Roof Hatch Rails provide:

  • Immediate OSHA / CAL-OSHA compliance and fine avoidance
  • Decreased risk and improved safety
  • Self-closing /climb-assist gate (two additional ladder rungs built into gate)
  • Rigid 360° 100% steel rails
  • No risk to existing roof warranty (does not penetrate flashing)
  • Ergonomic, patented design
  • Simple to install with any size hatch (4 rail pieces)
  • 8 year warranty
  • Custom colors available (standard is galvanized or yellow powder-coated steel)
  • U.S. patent number 8,726,577