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Why Choose DEXcell?

For top-of-the-line roofing materials and unparalleled expertise, you can count on DEXcell® Roof Board. DEXcell® Roof Boards provide optimal performance for every kind of commercial roofing application, ensuring long-term stability and protection for your roof. Whether you're building a new roof or just replacing the existing roof, DEXcell® Roof Board products have you covered. With DEXcell®, you can be sure you'll be getting top-tier quality and unmatched expertise.


RMH Architectural is Indiana's premier distributor of roofing materials and building products. We partner with architects, contractors, and developers to find the right products for your next project.


We meticulously breakdown, draft,  plan, and estimate every project to ensure customer satisfaction. The owner of RMH Architectural, Randy Harding, will work with you one-on-one to deliver the best products on the market and offer competitive pricing.

  • DEXcell® Glass Mat Roof Board

  • DEXcell FA™ Glass Mat Roof Board

  • DEXcell® Cement Roof Board

  • DEXcell FA VSH™ Glass Mat Roof Board

How Do I Order DEXcell?

If you are searching for the perfect supplier for DEXcell roof boards in Indiana, look no further than RMH Architectural. Owner, Randy Harding, is more than happy to provide the DEXcell products you need for your project and ensure it runs smoothly.

Where Can I Find A DEXcell Rep?

Are you in need of a DEXcell roof board rep to purchase from in Indiana? RMH Architectural has got you covered! Owned and operated by Randy Harding, RMH will provide the DEXcell products and quantities according to your specific needs.


It can be challenging to find the perfect rep for DEXcell, but RMH Architectural makes the whole process a breeze.

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