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Why Choose EcoStar?

EcoStar is devoted to reducing the impact on the environment by leading the way in manufacturing environmentally friendly, sustainable steep-slope roofing products. In response to the pressing need for an alternative to natural slate roofing, EcoStar established their first line of synthetic products - Majestic Slate.


For two decades now, EcoStar has strived to preserve the earth's resources, using recycled plastic and rubber in their products. EcoStar's unwavering commitment to sustainability will ensure that we keep doing our part to keep the environment healthy for generations to come.


EcoStar offers a variety of synthetic slate & shake roofing options. With a large variety of colors and sizes, EcoStar products exude design & functionality. Check out all EcoStar products, specs, and more below!

  • Majestic Niagara Slate

  • Empire Niagara Slate

  • Majestic Niagara Shake

  • Empire Niagara Shake

  • Majestic Slate

  • Empire Slate

  • Seneca Shake

  • Empire Shake

How Do I Order EcoStar?

Need to order EcoStar slate roof tiles or EcoStar synthetic shake roofing tile? Ordering EcoStar roofing products has never been easier. RMH Architectural is your go-to rep for all EcoStar products. The owner of RMH Architectural will work closely with you to get the products and quantities your project needs.

Where Can I Find A EcoStar Rep?

Find a EcoStar rep today! RMH is a EcoStar rep in Indiana. The owner, Randy Harding, will provide you with the products & quantities tailored to your project. Finding a representative of EcoStar can be tricky, but RMH takes the headache out of your project.

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