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Why Choose SnoGem?

Designing or roofing a building with high snowfall or ice? Look no further than SnoGem! SnoGem is specifically designed for areas with extreme cold temperatures. They specialize in providing products that allow the snow and ice to melt or evaporate without falling off the roof like an avalanche and allow for a more even distribution of weight.


Worried about whether or not SnoGem products will match the color of of your roof? Or are worried about the level of difficulty it is to install SnoGem? No worries! SnoGem Snow Guards can be customized to match any and all industry standard metal roof colors and are easy to install with common roofing tools.

How Do I Order SnoGem?

Ordering SnoGem has been made simple with RMH Architectural. The owner, Randy Harding, will work closely with you to order all the SnoGem products you need for your next project.

Where Can I Find A SnoGem Rep?

Looking for a rep in Indiana to order SnoGem from? Look no further than RMH Architectural! The owner, Randy Harding, will provide you with the SnoGem products & quantities tailored to your project. Finding a representative of SnoGem can be tricky, but RMH Architectural makes it easy.

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