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Petersen Aluminum


Why Choose Petersen Aluminum?

Petersen Aluminum offers a variety of perforated and anodized aluminum wall panels and flat sheets. The combination of durability and extensive color options, Petersen Aluminum is architects, contractors and developers go-to for aluminum products.


Combining Petersen's perforated aluminum with non-perforated aluminum will create a visually-appealing contrast in design. It can also be used to diffuse light, air, and sound. The most common applications of Petersen's perforated aluminum are equipment screens, partitions, sign panels, parking decks, guards, interior acoustical applications and enclosures of any kind.

Petersen Aluminum also has Anodized Aluminum which comes in two variations: PAC 500 Bronze Anodized Aluminum and PAC300 Clear Anodized Aluminum. PAC 500 has an extensive variety of bronze and black colors to choose from. PAC 300 has a clear anodized coating that creates design uniformity.

  • Perforated Aluminum

    • ​1/8" Round

    • 1/4" Round (1/2" Center)

    • 1/4Round (3/8 Center)

    • 1/8" Round (1/4" Center)

    • 1/8" Round (7/32" Center)

    • 3/16" Round

    • 3/8" Round

How Do I Order Petersen Aluminum?

Looking to order Petersen perforated aluminum or Petersen anodized aluminum products? Ordering Petersen Aluminum has never been easier with RMH Architectural. The owner, Randy Harding, has 25+ years of experience and will work with you to choose the best Petersen Aluminum products, colors, finishes, and quantities to ensure your project is a success.

Where Can I Find A Petersen Aluminum Rep?

Looking to find a rep to order Petersen Aluminum in Indiana? RMH Architectural has you covered! The owner, Randy Harding, will provide you with the Petersen Aluminum products & quantities tailored to your project. Finding a knowledgable representative of Petersen Aluminum can be tricky, but RMH Architectural takes the headache out of your project.

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