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Why Choose METAL-ERA?

For reliable and lasting protection, Metal-Era is your top choice for edge metal systems in North America. Backed by an extensive portfolio of tested roofing and building envelope solutions, METAL-ERA is the trusted go-to products in commercial roofing.


METAL-ERA has the largest on-hand inventory in the industry. With 95% of their products' materials being made of eco-friendly materials, they have a strong commitment to sustainability. METAL-ERA the go-to choice for architects, contractors, and developers.

  • Fascia

    • ​Anchor-Tite

    • Perma-Tite

    • Edge Systems One

    • Creative Design Series

  • Coping

    • Perma-Tite

    • Edge Systems One

    • Creative Design Series

  • Accessories

    • ​Perma-Tite

    • Seal-Tite

    • METAL-ERA Accessories

How Do I Order METAL-ERA?

Ordering METAL-ERA products has never been easier with RMH Architectural. At RMH Architectural, our aim is to craft a customer experience that is effortless, streamlines processes, and boosts productivity for architects, consultants, contractors, and distributors.

Where Can I Find A METAL-ERA Rep?

Need to find a METAL-ERA service representative? Have a question about Metal-Era's full line of roof edge and ventilation products? Want to discuss your project's specific needs? RMH Architectural's owner, Randy Harding, has 25+ years of experience and a commitment to your complete satisfaction.

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