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Rooftop Anchor


Why Choose Rooftop Anchor?

Rooftop Anchor offers a wide variety of safety products to protect anyone that must access your building's roof. Your project's roof should not only be architecturally pleasing, but also be safe and accessible. To give your peace-of-mind, Rooftop Anchor products are OSHA and ANSI compliant.


With reliable, easy to install products, roofers can focus on their job knowing they're well protected against any hazards they may encounter while. With Rooftop Anchor products, roofers and building owners alike can rest assured that everyone on the roof is as safe as possible.

How Do I Order Rooftop Anchor?

Ordering Rooftop Anchor products in Indiana has never been easier with RMH Architectural. The owner, Randy Harding, will work with you to decide where to implement Rooftop Anchor products and decide which products will be the best for your building's design.

Where Can I Find A Rooftop Anchor Rep?

Looking for a rep to buy Rooftop Anchor from in Indiana? Look no further than RMH Architectural! The owner, Randy Harding, will provide you with the products & quantities tailored to your project. Finding a representative of Rooftop can be challenging, but RMH takes the headache out of your project.

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